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Since 1997

In our Pet grooming & Boarding your Pets
 are "HAPPY TAILS"or it’s free!  

We treat your pet like one of our own.

             We providing quality dog grooming to small or big breeds.


 The "Happy Tails" is wonderful Pet 

Grooming & Boarding, attending for 

professional pets lovers.

Eli, our Professional Groomer.

With the popularity of television broad cast of AKC shows growing every year, more and more pet owners are seeing how their breeds are presented in the show ring. Some want that look, other don't. The groomer who knows how to achieve or approximate the correct breed profile has the edge in the growing market of pet owners who would like their dogs to resemble the breed profile. 
April. Havanese Cuban Ch.
Longina. Havanese Cuban Ch.

Prices for dog bathing and dog grooming packages are based on breed, condition of coat and time taken to complete the service. While we can do our best to provide an approximate price range over the phone, you’ll get the most accurate quote if we can assess your pet in person.


For Small Breeds or mid-sized breeds that do not have thick hair or require a complicated cut, grooming costs about $46 to $50.  Examples include the Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle, and Maltese.  

For Mid-Sized Breeds, or larger breeds that do not have thick hair or require a complicated cut,    grooming costs about $50 to $70. Examples include the Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Afghan Hound,  Labrador and Golden Retriever.

For Mid-to-Large-Sized breeds that have thick hair and require complicated cuts, or giant breeds, grooming costs about $70 to $100 and up. Examples include the Chow Chow (complicated breed) Standard Poodle, Bernese mountain dog, Bouvier Des Flanders, Briard, and Great Pyrenees.

Bath Only or Bath and Sanitary Clip, include ear cleaning, nail trimming, and the anal gland cleaning (only for small and medium breed) The Sanitary Clip, include scissoring feet, shaving pads and the sanitary zone.


Small dogs: Short hair $28~ Long hair $35
 Medium dogs: Short hair $35~ long hair $40
 Large dogs: Short hair $45~ long hair $50

Additional costs:

De-mating for long hair: $10 extra
Brush teeth: $12 extra
Flea Bath: $12 extra.
Sensitive Skin Bath: $6 extra (we use the oatmeal shampoo and oatmeal conditioner)


If you looking for Pets Boarding, “Happy Tails Pet Grooming and Boarding” is, right for you. We offer safe and comfortable place for your dog or cat when you are out of town. Do not worry, traveling and relax, enjoy your trip, we care your pet’s home away from home.

Happy Tails offer affordable prices, lovely care, and professional attention to assure happy and satisfied guest, no matter how long or short the stay.

Our customers are welcome to bring a favorite pet’s things like treats, toys, blanket or pillow.
The food it is include in the price, but if the custom want to bring the own food that is ok.


-Cats: $15

-Small and medium dogs from: $21

-Large dogs from: $25


The staff is so caring and have 
large experience.

We are open Tuesday through Friday 
from 8: 30 am to 5: 00 pm. 
Saturdays from 8: 00 am to 6: 00 pm. 
Sundays and Mondays by appointment only.


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